On Sunday 30th May I’ll be flying to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a 4 month adventure backpacking through South America.

This trip been more than 14 months in the making, involving lots of preparation, saving, buying gear, receiving inoculations, filling in forms, doing research, selling furniture, dealing with bureaucracy and other non-sexy admin that people don’t generally associate with backpacking through exotic lands. The amount of effort involved has been compounded by the fact that we are afterwards moving back to South Africa.

That being said, it’s all finally coming to a close and my girlfriend and I are slowly realising that we are nearing the start of a great adventure.

Needless to say, I will during this time be taking a hiatus from working on Plone and the packages that I maintain. I’m taking a netbook along to check emails, so I won’t be completely unreachable, but I cannot guarantee timely replies and/or updates.

Most of the packages I authored were done for Syslab, (usually under the ‘slc’ namespace), and the guys there would be able to help with merging patches and the like.

To Alex Pilz and the gang at Syslab, I would like to say, thanks for a wonderful year and a half in Germany! I couldn’t have asked for nicer and more competent people to work with and I am happy to have become good friends with all of you.

On Sunday begins a great new adventure.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have a beer with some of the Plonistas, Pythonistas, Zopatistas and other -istas in South America!


Our travel route through South America

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