Since I’ve started this site, I’ve been using Quills for blogging functionality in Plone. So far, it’s been perfectly fine for my relatively simple needs and I haven’t found a reason to change. Unfortunately, except for some work to port Quills to Plone 4, development and bugfixes on Quills has completely dried up. No new releases were made for more than a year and the mailing list was almost dead. I only realised this when I fixed some bugs while porting my site to Plone 4 and couldn’t find anybody to help making a new Plone 4 compatible release.

Eventually I got hold of Tim Hicks, one of the original maintainers of Quills, and I offered to help out with maintaining Quills and to make the new releases.

So, I’m happy to announce that new Plone 4 compatible releases of the Quills packages have been made. Notably Products.Quills, Products.QuillsEnabled and (all now at version 1.8a1). This new release is labeled alpha, as I’m still very new to the Quills codebase, but I’m already using it on this blog without any major problems.

If there is anyone who is still using Quills on a legacy Plone site and would like to migrate to Plone 4, just pin your Products.Quills (and Products.QuillsEnabled) version to 1.8a1 in your versions.cfg or bulidout.cfg.

Hopefully everything goes well (did I mention it’s alpha ;) but if not, feel free to let me know and I’ll try to help out.

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