Converse.js is a webchat client that can be integrated into any existing website. It's written completely in Javascript, runs in your browser implements the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


A Backbone plugin which allows you to group and manage multiple views within a single overview. More info on Github.


Backbone Views that use a VirtualDOM. More info on Github.


A hard fork of Backbone.localStorage which provides the ability to use either localStorage or browserStorage. More info on Github.


Pluggable.js makes closured objects pluggable. Originally written as the plugin architecture for converse.js. Since then it's been made generic and refactored out into its own repo and project. Pluggable.js enables you to make your Javascript code pluggable while still keeping sensitive objects and data private through closures.


Potools is a library of utilities to help you manage and deal with gettext translations. Much of the code in potools was contributed by Manuel Reinhardt (@Askesemann) and Wolfgang Thomas (@pysailor_de).